Building Crates & Pallets since 1998

We are Brisbane’s leading supplier of crates and pallets, built at our own factory conveniently near to the Port of Brisbane, Brisbane Airport and Gateway motorway.

An Australian family owned and operated business, we design and build crates, pallets and containers for large scale logistics and one off specialised shipping needs.

Our customers include small businesses looking to securely ship e-commerce stock, private customers needing to just buy a single pallet or two.

However large scale or small your needs, Brisbane Crates and Pallets can help. Just give us a call or send us an email today.

Experienced in Industrial Shipping

Our team is able to design and build onsite for large scale industrial shipping preparation for both domestic and export use.

Experienced in advanced strapping and chaining for any application, we have helped our clients ship boats, industrial machinery, medical CAT scanning equipment and much more.

We hold all export licences necessary to ensure that your equipment reaches its destination not only safely, but with the minimum risk of customs and security hold ups due to incorrect crating.

Pallets from large scale supply to one off

We supply pallets in standard and bespoke sizing in any quantity from large scale logistics needs to one offs for private customers.

Out team is able to design and calculate pallet requirements and offer suggestions on securing for shipping where necessary.

Brisbane Crates has its own forklifts and can load as necessary or arrange shipment both domestically throughout Australia or Internationally at highly competitive rates.

No matter if you are looking for thousands of crates or just one, we can help. Just give us a call or email.

Get in touch with us

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